Dear Addie..

Dear Addie,

My precious baby girl, my sidekick, my guardian Angel, my very best friend, the one who selflessly saves me daily —especially over the last four months when I officially lost my seizure free status and my seizures came back with brand new uncontrollable/unavoidable triggers. My perfect Addie who knows my body better than I ever will and provides a sense of safety I now cannot imagine living without. Explaining the bond between a service dog and it’s handler I’ve come to realize is impossible because you are as much me as I am you. You are my saving grace and no matter how much pain my seizures or any of my illnesses are putting my body through – you are my constant who never leaves my side and you find ways to make things better that I would never think of myself. I know I have made it to 2023 because of your perfect, precious soul that somehow chose me and decided to save me and that is something I never take for granted.

I love you Addie baby so much more than I can say. Thank for being mine for almost a decade now and for making all my days brighter along the way. 🐶👱🏼‍♀️❤️


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