About Me

I’m Simply Macy, a girl living her life a day at a time with her amazing husband, Kyle, and incredible rescue pitbull turned service dog, Addie, by her side while battling multiple complex chronic illnesses. A girl who happens to have a talent for always finding new hobbies to fall in love with ( Thanks ADD) but a never ending love for writing, photography, design, crafting, reading, gardening, adventure and saving/fostering animals. I’m also just a girl with a bleeding heart still figuring out all my passions in life and how I want to leave my mark on the world and those in it. I’ve lost several friends to my illnesses in the last few years and because of them I know how important it is to be your true self and live life in spite of your illness. So now I’m simply Macy, a girl discovering her passions while trying ( and sometimes still failing) to learn how to not let her illnesses hold her back any longer.❤️