Marry the Man..

Marry the man who will put your new puppy in his first Christmas pjs AND do a full photoshoot without you even asking while you are downstairs taking care of your other injured pup just because he wants to make you smile.🐶🎄🥰

I’m not sure how you find a man like this because I’m pretty positive I totally lucked into it at 17. Addie, Stanley and I are so incredibly blessed to be so loved by such an amazing, caring man who is always willing to fight for us when necessary, who never lets anything stand in the way of doing whatever he can to make sure we are happy and taken care of, who is always willing to work as a team to handle the stress our life often entails and who still makes me laugh so hard I cry with his sarcasm and wit, especially at the most inappropriate times. Many parts of our life aren’t easy but they are easier together and because of Kyle’s ability to still always be my calm in the chaos.

So maybe just marry the man who always wants to make you smile and loves your animals as much as you do? Because it sure has worked out for me. 👩🏼‍❤️‍👨🏼🐶🐶❤️


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